Technacy and Calvi, a new platform for telecommunication cost control

Cervia 9th February 2022 – We are pleased to announce that an official partnership was signed today focusing on the Italian and European cost control market between Technacy, a specialist TLC company founded by Vittorio Foschi, and Calvi, a Dutch company, and the global leader in Bill Communication solutions.
The agreement allows telecom operators and other companies to leverage a new product born out of the integration of Technacy’s Netmon application and Calvi’s bill presentment and TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solution. The harmonization of these two key solutions will enhance and optimize billing processes and facilitate outstanding customer experiences.

“2022 is an important year for us. We aim to further strengthen and improve our market position in Italy while simultaneously entering the European markets (in particular Germany and Spain). We are proud of and honoured of this agreement with a large global player such as Calvi, as it confirms the quality of our research and our ability to transform it into products.Vittorio Foschi, CEO Technacy.

The new solution, which was made possible by combining the functionalities of the two companies’ systems, enables the optimization of cash flows and makes billing data simpler, clearer, and more usable. Most importantly, it signifies a new and more advanced standard in the field of TEM application segments. The partnership between Technacy and Calvi marks the first step towards expansion into Central and Northern European Markets, where the common drive towards innovation and delivering best-in-class solutions makes for a strong partner relationship.

The Technacy and Calvi partnership has already paid off, with Vodafone Italy announces as the first Italian customer to use the Techancy/Calvi solution. Together, they will work on the products, marketing, promotion, and communication activities to onboard Vodafone’s business customers through Calvi expertise.

Netmon alone is used by approximately 1500 Italian enterprises at all levels. Netmon is hacker-proof and ensures complete data security for internet connectivity of mobile devices. It enables operators to monitor and decide in real-time what corporate SIMs can do by frequently controlling their traffic and warning users through its dedicated dashboard of risks and attempts towards unauthorized intrusion.