Technacy thanks to the event “Sinergie” – Confindustria Romagna, finally in presence

Poster Sinergie Technacy

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 – Technacy finally presents itself in presence to companies at the headquarters of Confindustria Romagna in Ravenna through the event “Sinergie – by Associates for Associates”, the service of Confindustria Romagna that allows companies to express and communicate know-how, projects, present products/ services.

Technacy proposed a moment of reflection and discussion on the profound change taking place in the world of digital data transmissions, especially a focus on the work done on the themes of “evolution in mobility” and open innovation carried out thanks to the contribution made by Smartech – a service company for business innovation of Confindustria Romagna.

The event was attended together with Vittorio Foschi and Ciro Liberatore (Technacy side), Gianluigi Bonini – Romagna Smartech Innovation Services Manager and the innovation managers Tommaso Monaldi, Marco Ambrosini, Francesco Fullone, Giancarlo Barletta, Carlo Bozzo and Claudio Rossi.

“Technacy comes from a long period of growth in terms of turnover, number of employees, market presence. However, we realized that in order to maintain and further improve this positive trend, we needed to push further on the open innovation and change processes of our company. Hence our relationship with the Smartech team of professionals – explains Vittorio Foschi – thanks to them we have renewed our brand identity, marketing strategies, improved our brand and product communication, both in Italy and internationally. Synergies is an opportunity to show goals and achievements and open a reflection on what is changing on the world of TLC; the new eSim, virtual Sim cards, open to new ways of digital data transmission and new operators MVNO, non-proprietary entities of the networks, are creating new business models very different from a very recent past”.

Financial Times, Il Sole 24 ore together with Technacy launch “Made x Italy Challenge”: initiative for the creation of new young talents

What is it about?
Financial Times in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore, is looking for 100 talents under 35, curious and entrepreneurial to participate in the FTxMade in Italy Challenge 2022, the first edition of a global competition for the relaunch of Made in Italy worldwide

When will the event take place?
It will take place from 9 to 13 May 2022 in the London TV studios of Financial Times and Milan del Sole 24 ore.

Hackaton aims to enhance Italy as a center of excellence, entrepreneurship, development and innovation by strengthening the positioning of Made in Italy in an international context. It will be an opportunity for training, relations with some important national companies, masterclasses, workshops, with mentors FT and Sole 24 ore and representatives of partner companies. The selected students will work on innovative vertical projects.

All this thanks to Virginia Stagni, Head of Business Development and FT Talent Director, the youngest Manager in the history of the Financial Times from Bologna who tells: “My mission is to identify new business ideas and growth opportunities, with a focus on future readers especially women and under 30, and foster the acquisition of young talent for the company”

Who supports the initiative and will be part of the event?

Sponsors of the initiative with us are Cisco, Egea, Illimity, Johnson&Johnson; Recruitment partner is Nova; Community Partners are Aurora, Factanza, Hacking talents, Kube, Shetech, Talent Garden, Talkin Pills, Torcha, Your Millennial Mentor

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